À propos 

Emmanuelle Darras

Hello and welcome! 
I'm an entrepreneur passionate about diorama design and 3D modeling, a magical fusion where imagination comes to life.

About me:

  • Passion for art since forever : Since my childhood, I've been fascinated by the endless possibilities of visual art. Drawing is a way for me to express myself and bring my wildest ideas to life.
  • Passion for video games : Video games are a true source of inspiration for me. Their fantastical worlds, captivating stories, and intriguing characters endlessly fuel my creative energy.
  • Outdoor adventures : I love exploring nature through thrilling hikes. These adventures fuel my creativity.
  • Love for my Samoyed dog, Tifa: : Her joyful presence and unconditional love inspire every aspect of my life, including my creations. It's thanks to her that I became passionate about photography.

À propos de l'entreprise :

My business is the result of my passion for art and video games. I'm committed to creating dioramas and producing 3D models that capture the essence and magic of the virtual worlds we love to explore in video games.